[GOLDSTAR] Re: Cygwin Time Machine has moved

Peter A. Castro doctor@fruitbat.org
Fri Mar 31 22:05:00 GMT 2017

On Fri, 31 Mar 2017, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> On Mar 30 21:17, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
>>> On 03/28/2017 04:46 PM, Peter A. Castro wrote:
>>>> Greetings, All,
>>>>    First, my apologies in advance if this is considered off-topic, or
>>>> unwelcome in some way...
>>> Unwelcome?  I find it shocking!  Imagine, the audacity of providing this
>>> service to the Cygwin community for all these years and to now improve on
>>> it.  I'm beside myself!  Someone needs to give Peter a gold star (or three!)
>>> otherwise he's just going to continue to do these outrageous things.  This
>>> simply must stop!
>> You're absolutely right.  Peter needs a goldstar to discourage him :)
> Awarded! https://cygwin.com/goldstars/#PC

Wow!  I'm touched! (and not just in the head :)

Consider me discouraged! :)

Thank you all for creating such an awesome product so that I may archive 

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