Setting up overlay package server

Ivan Gagis
Sat Mar 25 11:27:00 GMT 2017


I'm developing some software which consists of several libraries and I 
would like to distribute it for Cygwin. So, I would need a feature of 
setting up a custom cygwin repository for my packages. As I understand 
the most suitable here would be an overlay package server. Right?

Unfortunately, I could find no information on the web about how to set 
up an overlay package server. Cygwin page misses the docs about how to do 
that also, saying that the manual is TBD. So, is it very complicated to 
do that, so that even manual is not yet written?

Are there any plans to complete the manual about setting up the overlay 
package server?

Could somebody give me some hints on how to do that?

And what would be the configurations needed on the user side to start 
using my overlay server? Ideally, I'd prefer it would be working with 
apt-cyg script.


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