Strange errors running gcc tests on Cygwin

cyg Simple
Sat Mar 18 14:52:00 GMT 2017

On 3/18/2017 9:52 AM, Daniel Santos wrote:
> Ok, thanks. I have a license for Windows 7 and while I know that Windows
> 10 is "free" I'm just not ready for that step.  I will probably have to
> eventually setup a win10 vm though.

For me moving from Win7 to Win10 was no big deal other than the time for
the updates but that occurred in the background. However, if you're like
me I prefer not to be working during such updates.

>>> I'm also building the current cygwin1.dll from git as I've seen a few
>>> messages about bugs being fixed that could be related.
>> You can download Cygwin snapshots: dll only, dbg, pkg, src, directly from
>> for x86{_64,} - instructions given on page.
> Yeah, I usually prefer to build it myself.  I did test the git
> cygwin1.dll and it didn't fix the broken pipes (when running make check
> with more than one -j job).  As I've said before, I'm sure there's a
> race somewhere in Cygwin or some other Cygwin package(s). If I follow
> through with making this into a repeatable process, I'll likely have to
> try to diagnose it.

Glad to hear you're working to improve Cygwin.

cyg Simple

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