Manual installation of cygport packages

Achim Gratz
Thu Mar 16 18:53:00 GMT 2017

Andrew Schulman writes:
>> On 3/15/2017 6:37 AM, Rui Pedro Caldeira wrote:
>> > Hello all, I'm new to this and I successfully build a package with
>> > cygport. My problem is that, I would like to install it in order to
>> > test if the package was successfully built. Is there anyway to do
>> > that?
> I usually take the simpler approach of just unpacking the package archive
> into the root filesystem:
> tar -C/ -Jxf $package-$version.tar.xz
> This doesn't run pre-remove or post-install scripts, but it puts the files
> in place so you can test them.

You should also generate the compressed packges listing in /etc/setup
and an entry into the installed.db file or you will be unable to
properly un-install the package later on.  The only time I'm using this
manual installation is when I quickly need to test an update on an
already installed package that I will later re-install properly via the
local package repository.  Of course if these need postinstall actions
you also need to run those, so this quickly gets more complicated than
having setup do its thing.

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