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Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Mar 2 18:28:00 GMT 2017

Eric Blake writes:
> To reiterate my answer in different terms:
> If you can convince Fedora to switch /bin/sh to dash, then I will
> immediately follow in Cygwin.  Until then, I'm worried that there are
> enough scripts in the wild that use bashisms and will therefore break if
> /bin/sh is not bash, even though that number has reduced somewhat since
> Debian made their switch.  Trying to make Cygwin the guinea pig, instead
> of Fedora, is going about it backwards (you WANT the change to be done
> in a place where there is plenty of manpower to deal with the fallout,
> and Fedora has more manpower than Cygwin).


I want to put forward that we should get the postinstall scripts moved
from bash to dash as a first step even then.

> I'm still toying with the idea of doing a test release of both bash and
> dash that flips /bin/sh between them; but I'm still stuck on the problem
> that a user MUST upgrade (or downgrade) both packages in tandem, or else
> risk being left without a /bin/sh at all.  Help would be appreciated in
> figuring out the problem (telling me that "dash is faster than bash" is
> not help, nor is telling me that "portable shell scripts don't care if
> /bin/sh is bash or dash" - I already know those points. What I don't
> know is how many non-portable scripts are out there, so how much
> breakage would I be causing by forcing those non-portable scripts to
> deal with their non-portability, and how to minimize the even-worse
> breakage of an upgrade scenario that leaves no /bin/sh at all).

I'd test that in production.  I don't really need handholding
w.r.t. update and potential downgrade process, so if you'd put the two
packages somewhere into an unofficial repo that would work for me.

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