X colormap problem when viewed via Microsoft Remote Desktop

jeff_schenck@att.net jeff_schenck@att.net
Sun Jan 29 03:17:00 GMT 2017

After a fairly recent update of cygwin, I now find that all my X
windows (xterm, emacs, etc.) have color and font problems.  Non-x
terminal windows are fine.  Windows 7 is running as a VM on an esxi
hypervisor, so I view it remotely with Microsoft Remote Desktop.  It
worked well on a previous cygwin release, but I don't have the exact
date when it changed.  Also, I don't think the problem is with MRD
because I see it with VNC also.

I tried attaching cygcheck.out and XWin.0.log but the mail bounced
with the message "552 spam score exceeded threshold".

Jeff Schenck

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