ssh-host-config: patch fix debug option + broken for me on Vista (non-domain)

Shaddy Baddah
Thu Jan 19 11:26:00 GMT 2017


On 19/01/17 21:38, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jan 18 14:34, Shaddy Baddah wrote:

>> And I'm sure the problem is that this well-intended change to the script
>> fails on the assumption that LOGONSERVER is always populated. It isn't
>> for me on Vista.
>>      # This test succeeds on
>> domain member machines only, not on DCs.
>>      if [
>> "\\\\${COMPUTERNAME,,*}" != "${LOGONSERVER,,*}" \
>>        -a "${LOGONSERVER}" !=
>> "\\\\MicrosoftAccount" ]
>>      then
>>     # Lowercase of USERDOMAIN
>> csih_PRIVILEGED_USERNAME="${COMPUTERNAME,,*}+${username}"
>>      fi
>>    fi
>> I fixed this by modifying the test to check LOGONSERVER is not empty:
>> if [ -n "${LOGONSERVER}" -a "\\\\...
>> Can this be fixed in the next release?
> Sure, please provide a patch, I'll check it in and release a new csih
> soonish.

I would, but there's a couple of hitches. Without understanding the
syntax (and I should bring up the bash man page here, I will do after
this), I can't be sure that the following test:

"\\\\${COMPUTERNAME,,*}" != "${LOGONSERVER,,*}"

wasn't designed to handled an empty LOGONSERVER variable. Though it
looks to me that it is a binary test (i.e. handling both variables being

And secondly, I am not sure that chucking in the -n "${LOGONSERVER}"
test is safe in a Vista domain environment. From the comment about the
line, it seems like the original author of those lines, whomever that
may be, might have a strong understanding to make the modification.

But that's not constructive on my part. I'll come up with a patch in the
next 24 hours (it is late where I am now).


> Thanks,
> Corinna

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