borgbackup test fail on cygwin (only) - cygwin pipe issues?

Thomas Waldmann
Wed Jan 11 03:47:00 GMT 2017


borgbackup uses a RPC protocol via a ssh pipe to implement client/server

borg client --pipe-- ssh --tcp-- sshd --pipe-- borg serve

This works very reliable, we have tests running on linux, freebsd,
netbsd, openbsd, OS X. It even works on win10 linux subsystem.

But on Cygwin, only the local tests work, but the remote tests (which
need the pictured ssh pipe) fail or hang.

When trying to find out what's going wrong, I noticed corrupted data
coming over the pipe.

I've found some other pipe issues on the cygwin mailing list, maybe this
is related?

Our issue about this:


I am one of the borgbackup developers, but I am not a windows developer
(and I personally don't use windows or cygwin except for testing
borgbackup on this platform).

What I could offer is to run the tests on a fixed version.

Thanks for looking into this,


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