windres broken

Steven Penny
Sat Jan 7 04:10:00 GMT 2017

Something is wrong with windres:

    $ windres myapp.rc -o myapp.res
    Usage: windres [option(s)] [input-file] [output-file]
     The options are:
      -i --input=<file>            Name input file
      -o --output=<file>           Name output file
      -J --input-format=<format>   Specify input format

The syntax above is shown here:

Yet the command just prints usage instead of doing the thing. This command

    windres myapp.rc myapp.res

However this shouldnt be needed as described by the man:

    -i filename
        The name of the input file.  If this option is not used, then
        windres will use the first non-option argument as the input file

This is a problem because Git itself uses the "input -o output" syntax, which
should be working:

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