Cygwin 2.6.0 Fork issue

Rashi Singhal
Thu Jan 5 04:04:00 GMT 2017

Hi ,

Thanks for information provided.

I tried putting cygwin/ bin path in first place in environment
variables. But result remain same.

Yes all other DLL's getting loaded are either pervasive dll or windows
native dll.

I have doubt ,.Is there any compilation variable or cygwin varaible
set for autoloading all dll's

As in same windows 2012 system this extra DLL's are not getting loaded
with previous versions of cywin and Fork is working there.

I have downloaded the source also, I check some varibel there if you can help.

Looks like program just hangs child process after open call and never
comes back.

  Please suggest what I can check .

On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 2:23 PM, Rashi Singhal <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using cygwin 2.6.0 (32 bit) version with Actian Pervasive version 12.
> We have a program which will call fork() and in child process Btrieve
> file is getting opened.
> While using latest version of cygwin, file open call is not working ,
> Its not opening file nor displaying any error.
> Could you please help me on this .
> I checked all installation also . Still problem exist
> Regards,
> Rashi

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