[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dash-

Steven Penny svnpenn@gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 23:33:00 GMT 2017

On Fri, 24 Feb 2017 00:50:08, Andrey Repin wrote:
> In fact, you should use specific shell name, if you want specific behavior.

That is not at issue here. Both before and after this proposed change, I can use
#!/bin/dash to explicitly call Dash and #!/bin/bash to explicitly call Bash.
What _is_ at issue here is what is called with #!/bin/sh for _all_ users, not
just myself or those whom have run your homebrewed script.

In that regard, since we are giving deference to Debian by using their shell, I
say we continue that pattern and use Dash as /bin/sh.

> The big question remains, where this speed boost coming from?
> Is this a startup time? Or some internal slowness?
> Because in latter case, given your STC, this is a bash issue and should be
> reported upstream.

Dash is faster than Bash. This is not a question, it is a fact. It is not a
_bug_ any more than a Ducati being faster than an 18-wheeler is a bug. Dash by
design has less features than Bash _so_ that it can be faster than Dash. It
would suit you well to do some research of your own on this topic before posting


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