suggest adding posting dates to follows-up and references

Nellis, Kenneth (Conduent)
Wed Feb 22 17:32:00 GMT 2017

> From: Eric Blake 
> Still, you'll need to forward this request to webmaster AT sourceware
> DOT org, as the cygwin list readers are not the same people as those in
> charge of maintaining the web pages. (see
> for the full set of archives that will
> be impacted by making such a change)

Who am I that they would listen to me? The request would certainly have to 
come from someone with an existing relationship to them, like some person 
of authority within Cygwin. Again, this was all just a suggestion in case 
someone agrees and cares to run with it. I've made my suggestion and will
be happy to let this thread die.

--Ken Nellis

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