Stuck with incomplete Cygwin installation

Daniel Friedman
Fri Feb 10 21:27:00 GMT 2017


Thanks VERY much for explaining I have a BLODA interference issue and
suggesting I try using safe mode--I did, and now I have a complete
Cygwin installation. I still have to work on the "fork: retry:
Resource temporarily unavailable" issue, which I may not be able to
resolve, but you've enable overcoming my primary hurdle.

(Related: Besides using msconfig.exe to enter safe mode on Windows 10,
one can also hold down the shift key while clicking on Windows menu >
Power > Restart...which will prompt for potentially using safe mode.
The big difference between these approaches is that the msconfig.exe
approach applies until you change it again in that application, while
the shift-key method applies only for the next restart. In my case, my
limited admin privileges rely on a Windows service that doesn't run in
safe I had to have someone with higher admin rights change
the setting in the msconfig.exe app. So I've learned the shift-key
method is probably safer for me :) )

Again, thank you very much, Marco!


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