Setup fail post install - 0\Perpetual > /etc/postinstall/0p_000_autorebase.dash

Mark Smith
Thu Feb 9 22:38:00 GMT 2017

Good afternoon,

I'm installing for the first time Cygwin. I have hit an issue
regarding the install that the first install failed at the
post-install configuration. Hanging whilst running the

This was an online install.

I restarted the laptop (Windows 10) and downloaded all install files
locally and re-attempted the installation with the same results.

I have seen an archive response to this issue - That I should run an
autorebase command from usr\bin\. However the installation has not
created this folder (see below for a dir)

Any assistance you would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

 Directory of C:\cygwin64\usr

08/02/2017  22:07    <DIR>          .
08/02/2017  22:07    <DIR>          ..
08/02/2017  22:09    <DIR>          include
08/02/2017  22:09    <DIR>          libexec
08/02/2017  22:06    <DIR>          local
08/02/2017  22:09    <DIR>          sbin
08/02/2017  22:09    <DIR>          share
08/02/2017  22:06    <DIR>          src
08/02/2017  22:08    <DIR>          ssl
08/02/2017  22:06    <DIR>          tmp
08/02/2017  22:06    <DIR>          x86_64-pc-cygwin
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
              11 Dir(s)  815,982,215,168 bytes free




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