[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.7.4

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Wed Feb 8 22:52:00 GMT 2017

Am 08.02.2017 um 19:34 schrieb Achim Gratz:
> Thomas Wolff writes:
>> Further comments welcome, and it's Achim's turn to provide further
>> diagnostics input as requested in another mail. It could also be that
>> screen or tmux simply make invalid assumptions about the setting of
>> Wraparound modes.
> That will take a while.  I'll have to set up something at home
> specifically with the goal of reproducing the error.  At the moment it
> looks like some sort of race between decisions made at different levels
> of the stack mintty / tmux / mosh / screen since so far I've not been
> able to reproduce if I take out one of these.
> Are earlier versions of mintty, specifically the last versions of the
> 2.6 series, still available somewhere?
You can download older sources from 
https://github.com/mintty/mintty/releases and build them yourself.
Older versions may need some source or makefile tweaks to compile, I 
should publish my notes about this.

> I'm almost certain that these
> sort of things didn't happen before October or November last year.  Of
> course it might have been another update of the other programs involved
> as well.
I would suspect the latter as there have not been recent changes (since 
2.2.1) in the actual terminal emulation.

Actually I have found a bug in the combination of auto wraparound mode 
with scrolling region margins and origin mode.
Once fixed, that could even affect the issue, we'll see.


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