Unknown+User Unix_Group+505 on smb shares in a domian

Linda Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Thu Sep 29 08:38:00 GMT 2016

Wayne Porter wrote:
> The server that the W: drive is mapped on is not using domain accounts. As far as I know,
> all Linux servers we have are running local accounts. Is there something I can set in
> my local /etc/passwd to convince Cygwin to map it to my user account?
	If the linux servers are not exporting files under the domain account,
then they files are not part of the 'domain' but owned only by the username
on that specific linux-machine.  It sorta sounds like the linux server may
not even be in the domain -- in which case mentioning domains only confuses 
the issue.  

	Essentially you have a bunch of users on different machines that 
aren't sharing their files under any common (or shared) security authority
(like a single domain).  Until you persuade the owners of those linux machines
to move the linux machines under a common security authority (like a windows
domain) and moving the user accounts into the domain.  Each local account
would have to be moved to a domain account with the files under each
machine-local account being moved (or "chown'ed") to the new, corresponding
domain account). 

	This is an organizational problem that has nothing to do with
cygwin, but whether windows and linux machines are using domain or machine-local
security.  Until your linux machines and their local user become 
part of the domain, you can't expect any "write" privileges granted to 
you under the domain to work on the linux machines.

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