[ANNOUNCEMENT] nmh 1.6-3

David Levine levinedl@acm.org
Sat Sep 17 20:47:00 GMT 2016

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* nmh-1.6-3

A capable mail handling system with a command line interface.
Nmh isn't a single comprehensive program.  Instead, it consists of
simple, single-purpose programs for sending, receiving, saving,
retrieving, and otherwise manipulating email messages.  You can freely
intersperse nmh commands with other shell commands or write custom
scripts which utilize nmh commands.  If you want to use nmh as a true
email user agent, you'll want to also install xmh to provide a user
interface for it--nmh only has a command line interface.  nmh is
configured to use less and vim by default but options allow use of
more and emacs, respectively.

nmh-1.6-3 uses the same sources as nmh-1.6-2.  The only difference
is that nmh-1.6-3 was prepared with cygport.

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