mintty shows some text in other than foreground color

Thomas Wolff
Fri Sep 16 20:52:00 GMT 2016

Hi James,
> On 2016-09-15 22:47, David Karr wrote:
>> When I run mintty, the background is white, and normal text is black.
>> This is fine.  However, there are some applications that are
>> displaying text in other colors, many of which are fine, but some apps
>> display some text in yellow, which on a white background is almost
>> unreadable.
>> For instance, the display from Cassandra's "cqlsh" shows the results
>> of queries in black, purple (probably not quite right), and yellow.
>> The worst part is, it's using yellow for the column values.
>> Is there any way to control this, in general (obviously, not just for
>> cqlsh output)?
> Set Mintty's yellow colour to be something legible against your chosen
> background colour.
> (Come to think of it, I should rebase my old GUI colour selection patch.
>   I probably should update Mintty anyway.  But all that would require
> effort.)
Mintty has meanwhile support for colour schemes ("themes") and 
cooperates with the Color Scheme Designer for that purpose, which I 
consider an excellent solution and easier to use than individual colour 


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