make freezes before end

Marco Atzeri
Wed Sep 14 16:04:00 GMT 2016

On 14/09/2016 17:01, Cesar wrote:
> hi, i'm having an issue with make, i'm trying to install mosml and
> when i type make, it seems to start ok but then it stops at "this is a
> little endian architecture" and freezes there, it does nothing else.
> is there something i'm missing?
> thanks in advance.

May be you need to be a bit more clear, when asking support.
Do you think that we are all expert of mosml ?
I never heard of it.

As unlikely is a make problem, I suggest you to
use `--trace` option to see where is really the problem.

Other suggestion for things to look for:
  do you need to run any configuration before running make ?
  It seems you are running a wrong configuration


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