fish Remove unneeded workarounds in /etc/fish/conf.d/

Whek rin
Thu Sep 1 23:13:00 GMT 2016

The cygwin-specific file /etc/fish/config.d/ has this section:

# Work around an autocompletion bug, where fish tries to execute strings
# in parentheses in the PATH.  For example it tries to run the x86 function
# if it sees a PATH component like '/cygdrive/c/Program Files (x86)'.
# See
# Work around the most common cases here.

function R --description "print '(R)'"
echo '(R)'
function tm --description "print '(tm)'"
echo '(tm)'
function TM --description "print '(TM)'"
echo '(TM)'
function x86 --description "print '(x86)'"
echo '(x86)'
function X86 --description "print '(X86)'"
echo '(X86)'

This was to work around fish bug However, this bug
was fixed in version 2.3.0. I tested this quickly by removing the
workaround and fish seemed to complete paths swimmingly (heh).

I suggest this section is removed from fish-2.3.1 as these workarounds
are no longer needed.
Thanks, Matt

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