remote GTK apps nor workin correctly in Cygwin/X

David Cunningham
Wed Nov 30 15:25:00 GMT 2016

I'm not sure if this is a cygwin problem, a gtk problem or something 
else (please be gentle).

I have 3 remote machines, one running servers, one running Ubuntu 16.04 
and the other 2 Debian stretch.

The Ubuntu machine has version 3.18.9 of libgtk-3 installed. The Debian 
machines version 3.22.4.

I run remote applications on these machines using x11-forwarding with 
ssh -Y (or putty).

I have no problem running applications on the Ubuntu machine from either 
the Debian machines or windows logged in from a cygwin xterm (or putty 

I have no problem running applications on the Debian machines from 
either the Ubuntu machine or the other Debian machine.

Remote applications on the Debian machines from a Cygwin xterm (or 
putty) don't work correctly. An application (gnome-terminal and nemiver 
being the two mostly use) will open correctly and keyboard is (mostly) 
OK but mouse input doesn't work.

For example clicking a menu heading will place a line under the heading 
in the GUI but the menu doesn't open. Note that I get the same failure 
when using the keyboard shortcut keys (e.g ALT-F <> File). Sometimes a 
part of the menu (maybe one or 2 lines) will appear in the top left of 
the Desktop and can be scrolled through and selected using the keyboard. 
The window controls (minimise, maximise, exit) work correctly.

I get (lots of ) GTK error messages in terminal like this as I try to 
use the GUI:

(nemiver:6694): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to gtkmm__GtkWindow 
0xe42260 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How 
does the code know the size to allocate?

(nemiver:6694): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 
gtk_widget_get_preferred_height_for_width: assertion 'width >= 0' failed

*** BUG ***
In pixman_region32_init_rect: Invalid rectangle passed
Set a breakpoint on '_pixman_log_error' to debug

(nemiver:6694): Gtk-WARNING **: Negative content width -7 (allocation 1, 
extents 4x4) while allocating gadget (node arrow, owner GtkMenu)

(nemiver:6694): Gtk-WARNING **: Negative content width -11 (allocation 
1, extents 6x6) while allocating gadget (node menuitem, owner 

I'v come across this bug filed against gtk in Debian which seems 
somewhat similar:


I'm unclear then whether this is a Debian/gtk issue or a Cywin/X issue 
(given that Ubuntu->Debian is OK).

Can anyone advise wher I go from here?


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