Fullscreen application with Cygwin/X in multiwindow mode

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@yandex.ru
Tue Nov 29 14:29:00 GMT 2016

Greetings, David Chamberlain!

>> But ideally this would be fixed by adding support for

> Any idea how much effort would be required to implement the fullscreen
> support? Any major hurdles to overcome? It may be something I could
> work on in my spare time.

Depends, what you mean by "fullscreen". All too often people say "fullscreen"
when in fact they mean "borderless windowed".
The difference is crucial.
For the latter, you don't do anything short of setting some additional flags
on your window and size it to display resolution.
For the real fullscreen, you'll have to code your own engine dealing with
graphics hardware on OpenGL/DirectX level. And then get complaints from people
with more than one monitor, that they can't use both simultaneously.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 14:32:17

Sorry for my terrible english...

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