Cygwin: 2.6.0, rsync 3.1.2, "file has vanished"

Shaun Maher
Tue Nov 29 14:25:00 GMT 2016

Hi Wayne.

Thanks for the quick response.  I genuinely appreciate it.

>Those file-has-vanished errors shouldn't be affected by the --iconv...
This was also my understanding but I wanted to be through.

>Can you try out this C program:
I have done this.  The result for one of the problematic files is:

    4d 42 54 54 32 30 31 37 22 32 30 31 36 2d 30 37 2d 31 32 20 4d 42 54 54 32 30 31 36 2e 7a 69 70 | MBTT2017"2016-07-12

So, it can see the file in the directory AND stat it?

>If it doesn't generate an error, what rsync version are you using?
I am using the rsync 3.1.2 provided by cygwin.

>The error indicates that an rsync daemon module is involved...
Wow.  OK.  When using rsync to copy locally, without daemon mode, it works.

Any other suggestions?


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