chmod failing on user's permissions

L. A. Walsh
Tue Nov 29 13:26:00 GMT 2016

Ben Altman wrote:
> When I log in to my account at work I get access to a network location
> accessed as a drive dedicated to me. I log in from 2 locations - my
> laptop and desktop.
	Were both setup by your company's IT department, or
if not, who?  Are they both running the same version of windows?

> When I get a directory listing, it shows for each
> file "Unknown+User Unknown+Group" while on the desktop the same files
> show my user name that I logged in with and "Domain Users" as the
> group.
	Is your laptop a member of the domain?  How do each of them
resolve User&Group ID's?

> It also shows as unknown if I create a file on the laptop.
It doesn't sound like your laptop is looking up the ID's 
from the same location as your desktop, and perhaps more likely,
it doesn't sound like your laptop is looking up ID's by checking
with the domain.

There's also cygwin user's guide on, that talks about
how ID resolution works.

Might want to download the manual from
(also available online, at the site, in other formats).


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