chmod failing on user's permissions

Ben Altman
Mon Nov 28 19:54:00 GMT 2016

When I log in to my account at work I get access to a network location
accessed as a drive dedicated to me. I log in from 2 locations - my
laptop and desktop. Directory listings and chmod work as expected on
the desktop but when I try to do a chmod on the laptop, it fails for
the user's permissions, leaving them blank, but appears to work for
group and other. When I get a directory listing, it shows for each
file "Unknown+User Unknown+Group" while on the desktop the same files
show my user name that I logged in with and "Domain Users" as the
group. It also shows as unknown if I create a file on the laptop.
After googling around for an answer to the issue, I came up dry with
regards to chmod though I did find a way to change permissions using
setfacl. Does anyone know how to get chmod working the way it should?


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