Cygwin: 2.6.0, rsync 3.1.2, "file has vanished"

Brian Inglis
Mon Nov 28 19:53:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-11-28 00:07, Shaun Maher wrote:
> I'm trying to use rsync on Windows Server 2012R2 to sync files to a
> *nix system (Ubuntu 14.04 or FreeNAS 9.10). The file set I'm trying
> to sync contains files with unusual characters in the names. Most
> files sync without issue but those files with unusual characters do
> not sync and rsync logs a message like the following:
>   file has vanished: "BackUps(old)/Backup Pre-Rolled Payroll
> 2015"" (in VSSG)
>   file has vanished: "Corrupted files/Payment Summaries/Payment
> Summaries 2015"2016" (in VSSG)
>   file has vanished: "Restore/MBTT2017"2016-07-12" (in
> The " character mid file name is where the unusual character is. The
> character in question in all my test cases is (on Windows) a dot
> vertically centered. I've only a minimal understanding of character
> encoding but it seems to me that it is a 0x2D followed by a 0x31
> which makes it a type of dash I guess.
> I've given this a good Googling but haven't been able to work it out.
> I've tried every combination of --iconv and "charset = " that has
> been suggested.
> I'm a bit stuck on how to move forward from here. Any help or
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can provide an archive
> with some example files is it will help.

utf-16 0x2d31 would be "â´±" Tifinagh letter Yab utf-8 0xe2b4b1 which 
seems unlikely 
"⸱" word separator middle dot would be utf-16 0x2e31 utf-8 0xe2b8b1
you can type this in any console window as 
meaning you hold alt down while typing the other characters.

Your file names should look like: 
"BackUps(old)/Backup Pre-Rolled Payroll 2015⸱"
"Corrupted files/Payment Summaries/Payment Summaries 2015⸱2016"

If you're not using a utf-8 character set, Cygwin may not be encoding 
this utf-16 character, or using the correct utf-8 equivalent for Linux, 
so it can be reversibly decoded.

I don't know if rsync --iconv utf-16,utf-8 can bypass Cygwin to get the 
original names, or if it will internally encode, then rsync decode and 
encode, and produce a mess.

You might want to get the creator to change the punctuation to just 
a normal minus and not get too creative, or skip those directories.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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