Standard LEX variable doesn't work in Make.

Hans-Bernhard Bröker
Sun Nov 27 16:02:00 GMT 2016

Am 26.11.2016 um 04:42 schrieb Brian Inglis:

> On Debian both yacc and bison.yacc are alternatives;

Not exactly.  bison.yacc is a script; the same one that Cygwin's bison 
package installed as /usr/bin/yacc.  Debian obviously renamed it.  They 
have to do that because their yacc is an alternative.  And that's 
because there are at least 4 programs available in the package 
repository that can fulfill that role: bison, bison++, byacc and btyacc.

Nor do they use alternatives to build their symlink lex -> flex.

>> I don't think 'alternatives' is applicable here. We're not looking at
>> several packages providing the same file --- we're looking at
>> * single packages offering the same executable under more than one
>> name, causing it to express different personalities, like ex ->
>> vi.exe, view -> vi.exe, latex --> pdftex.exe,
> and all vi, vim, nvi, elvis etc. links are handled via alternatives:
> it's used as the canonical example in

... the canonical example for multiple packages supplying the same 
program, 'vi'.  Cygwin has only 'vim', not nvi or elvis, so there's no 
need for the alternatives mechanism.

Just because alternative manages symlinks in /usr/bin, that doesn't mean 
every symlink in /usr/bin has to, or even should, be managed by it.

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