TortoiseGit + Cygwin git: unified diff fails (cygheap read copy failed)

Gene Pavlovsky
Thu Nov 17 14:00:00 GMT 2016

>> I'm using TortoiseGit with Cygwin git (Cygwin workarounds enabled in
>> advanced TortoiseGit settings). For the most part, everything works
>> correctly.
> Although this is probably unrelated, I've had problems with
> TortoiseSVN and Cygwin's svn (not Git), because Tortoise uses DOS line
> endings (\r\n) whereas Cygwin programs use Unix line endings (\n).

TortoiseGit doesn't seem to have line endings-related problems (in
general), but who knows, maybe they missed a spot...
I'll post this issue to TortoiseGit's bug tracker. I wonder if anybody
else is using TortoiseGit with Cygwin's git and "Show changes as
unified diff" in TortoiseGit's log work for them?

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