[ANNOUNCEMENT] libarchive 3.2.2-1

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Sun Nov 13 21:11:00 GMT 2016

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libarchive13-3.2.2-1
* libarchive-devel-3.2.2-1
* bsdtar-3.2.2-1
* bsdcpio-3.2.2-1
* bsdcat-3.2.2-1
* mingw64-i686-libarchive-3.2.2-1
* mingw64-x86_64-libarchive-3.2.2-1

Libarchive is a programming library that can create and read several 
different streaming archive formats, including most popular tar variants, 
several cpio formats, and both BSD and GNU ar variants. It can also write 
shar archives and read ISO9660 CDROM images and ZIP archives. The bsdtar 
program is an implementation of tar(1) that is built on top of libarchive. 
It started as a test harness, but has grown into a feature-competitive 
replacement for GNU tar.

This is an update to the latest upstream release, which adds LZ4 support.


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