New Cygwin "setup" program useless on my Win-XP box. Not very nice at all.

Thu Nov 10 07:25:00 GMT 2016

>> Cygwin installation on XP

>> 1. Use the following version of setup*.exe:
>> 32-bit:

>> 2. Run setup*.exe with the -X option, using the following mirror:
>> 32-bit:

Thank you for this really helpful distillation. I followed the instructions
exactly, with the minor and probably unnecessary preparation of using
regedit to remove from the registry all mentions of Cygnus / Cygwin (because
I have occasionally found that previous installations - or, rather, usages -
of Cygwin interfere with the groundwork for new usages).
And everything worked - in principle, but not in practice.
After initiating setup I selected "Download without Installing", clicked on
the roundel to select "All" instead of "Default" in order to achieve a Full
download rather than the Base download, and away we went.
BUT (a) the download appeared to be very slow, which I attributed to
properties of or even the download site ftp://.../104223 which
I guess is in some sense virtual (?); however (b) when I checked things this
morning having set the thing going last night, I found that in 6 hours only
2048-cli/, 2048-qt/ and the beginnings of 4ti2/ had been downloaded, i.e.
the merest starting fragment of what was anticipated.
So: the logic seems just fine, the implementation flawed in some way, or on
this occasion.
Q1	Any ideas of what might be de-railing this simple operation?
Q2	[... virtual(?);] Could one instead use wget on This would be
easy to initiate, it would avoid the layer of complication induced by setup
(and anyway I only want a download, not a setup) and finally - really
usefully, since the intention is to build a local mirror and then maybe do
something useful with it - it would pull down the *src files, which are a
pain in setup, requiring individual ticking of many many checkboxes. But: I
tried wget, and just came to a halt with no files found.
Thank you.

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