New Cygwin "setup" program useless on my Win-XP box. Not very nice at all.

Tue Nov 8 12:37:00 GMT 2016

> WinXP is not supported. Complain as you wish, write as long a posts as you
were, it won't change.
> If you need old, outdated and unsupported OS, go into old, outdated and
unsupported Cygwin Time Machine.

Hang on, this is just a bit dismissive. Years ago the Cygwin nobility gave
us all loads of warning of the demise of v.1.5 (the last installation that
could be used on W95/98); they took fantastic trouble over supplying - and
deploying to mirrors - the last relevant sources under release-legacy/ with
an associated setup-legacy.ini AND an associated setup-legacy.exe to set the
whole thing up. And, finally, seven or more years on, this version is still
available: see, for example,

No such efforts with the last available XP version. Come on, the Time
Machine is really hard to navigate. It would have been really helpful to do
for XP exactly what was done for 95/98: petrify the last relevant sources
along with .ini and .exe, re-label conveniently and obviously, and upload to

Could this not still be done? Sure, continuing usage of XP carries its own
risks, but that's a quite different issue.


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