Windows 10 updates causes fork retry no child processes

Achim Gratz
Thu Nov 3 19:11:00 GMT 2016

Gerry Reno writes:
> The installation and applications are 32-bit that we've used for
> years.  The installation is very trimmed down, it is not an
> "everything" install.

Maybe if you'd take the hint about following proper problem reporting that
others have made repeatedly…

> How do I switch them to a 3GB user VM?

With bcdedit, the variable to change is "/uservm=3072" (standard is
2048).  There's a TN article about it.

> The W10 users can clear the problem if they wait some number of
> minutes and keep rebooting their machines.  Eventually after a while
> most of them get the problem to clear but this is a RPITA and it
> frustrates them no end.  One W10 user seems unable to clear their
> problem and we keep uninstalling and reinstalling everything for them.

The problem is quite unlikely to be Cygwin then (and also not the
Windows update), but some other program that maps into the same address
space (most likely one that is using ASLR, which would explain why the
problem can be mitigated by multiple reboots).

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