Starting VirtualBox 5 GUI creates two windows, but only with Cygwin/X

Jon Turney
Wed Mar 30 13:18:00 GMT 2016

On 27/03/2016 19:34, Basin Ilya wrote:
> I often use X11 forwarding to run Linux programs with GUI.
> Recently I upgraded from vbox 4 to version
> VirtualBox-5.0-5.0.16_105871_el6-1.x86_64.
> (My Linux host is headless Rhel 6.7 Server with xorg-x11-xauth package
> installed)
> I noticed that when I type "VirtualBox" in shell and then close its
> window the process remains running. Then I noticed that there's another
> hidden window in taskbar.
> I have to press Ctrl-C or close the second window to end the process.
> This only happens when I connect from Windows and use cygwin xwin server
> (but not xming or Linux client)
> The visible window is captioned "Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager@hostname"
> and the hidden one is captioned "VirtualBox@hostname"
> It's not really hidden. There's a white pixel at the top-left edge of my
> second monitor

Thanks for reporting this.

I tried to reproduce this issue with that VirtualBox RPM on a Centos 6.7 
VM, without success.

It's not unusual for X clients to create 1x1 pixel windows which only 
exist to receive events, but such windows are usually hidden by making 
them InputOnly.

You could possibly explore this a bit using xwininfo, to determine if 
this is a bug with VirtualBox (where the window isn't being correctly 
marked as hidden) or XWin (where the window is being show, desipte the 
fact it should be hidden)

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