Suddenly: Font does not support ANSI character range?

Andrey Tarasevich
Sat Mar 19 17:19:00 GMT 2016


I just ran Cygwin x64 setup executable to make some changes to my
Cygwin install (under Windows 10 x64 Pro). Among other things, it
updated all Cygwin components to their newest versions. However, now
when I attempt to start Cygwin terminal (mintty), I'm immediately
greeted with a message box saying

  Lucida Console
  Font does not support ANSI character range

Choosing any other font available in mintty options results in the
very same error message (with a different font name, of course).
Clicking through that message box starts the Cygein terminal, which
appears to work fine.

The issue is immediately reproducible on all of my Windows 10 Pro x64
machines, once I run the setup executable and update Cygwin.

So, what is going on here? What is the reason for this message and how
do I get rid of it?

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