[attention p7zip maintainer] p7zip 15.14 is out

Tony Kelman tony@kelman.net
Sat Mar 19 00:23:00 GMT 2016

> This version syncs code with 7zip 15.14 and adds the fix for CVE-2015-1038.
> Regards,
> ismail

Updated the version, rebased patches and rebuilt, but cygport isn't letting
me upload. I'm getting

*** ERROR: Package file p7zip/setup.hint doesn't exist. Run "cygport p7zip-15.14-1.cygport pkg" to build it.

When I run the suggested "cygport pkg" command, I get

*** Warning: setup.hint is missing
*** Warning: p7zip.hint is missing

I get the sense this is using a pretty old-style cygport packaging, which
I mostly inherited from the most recent 32-bit upload when I first adopted
the package. I'm not motivated enough to fight with cygport to modernize this
so I'll upload manually. Is this a regression in cygport's permissiveness?

If anyone wants to help point me in the right direction with modernizing,
I have the packaging sources up at https://github.com/tkelman/cygwin-p7zip


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