make command fails on cygwin-x86 (cyggmp-10.dll: Loaded to different address)

Wed Mar 16 19:54:00 GMT 2016

Dear Achim

>Tatsuro MATSUOKA <tmacchant2 <at>> writes:
>>  The last step of setup seem to be autorebase then setup command is the
> easiest way
>>  to use "rebase". Am I right?
> Yes.
>>  After rebase sometime one needs to restart PC. Right?
> No.  You only need to restart if in-use DLL have been replaced during setup.
> Rebase just doesn't do anything for in-use files, so the worst that can
> happen is that you have an incomplete rebase.
Thank you for your kind explanations.

I remember the situation of the Cygwin setup before the issue.
Usually I do not use cygwin process until setup command finished.
However,I have no confidence that I kill all other cygwin-x86 process at that time.
I will take care during cygwin setup process.



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