ctrl-c doesn't reliably kill ping

Kaz Kylheku 920-082-4242@kylheku.com
Wed Mar 16 17:33:00 GMT 2016

On 16.03.2016 08:57, Michael Enright wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 7:51 AM, cyg Simple wrote:
>> My ISP for my connection to the WWW is the one that is doing the
>> inappropriate redirects.  I sometime get these even when using VPN to 
>> my
>> employer's intranet.  My ISP also provides phone and TV Cable and I'm
>> guessing that the accepted practiced exception is practiced by all 
>> such
>> companies.
> Can confirm. Readers may be interested to learn that I tried to set
> the DNS manually in the connection properties of my VPN connection (to
> the exact same thing the VPN connection would have configured anyway)
> but this did not work either.

You have to point your local network's router to some alternative DNS
servers. You shouldn't have to do anything in an individual client
workstations and devices.

Example: I have dnmasq running on a Linksys wireless router. All my
machines here obtain their DHCP from that and point their DNS resolvers
to it (because the DHCP tells them to).

If I weren't happy with upstream DNS, I'd go into the router's
configuration and tell dnsmasq to send its queries to some alternative

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