Don't I get /etc/profile with a fresh installation?

Gerrit Haase
Tue Mar 15 16:36:00 GMT 2016

2016-03-15 15:38 GMT+01:00 Achim Gratz writes:
> Gerrit Haase <gerrit.haase <at>> writes:
>> setup.log  attached.
>> Nothing suspicious like missing packages or so.
> It is in fact very suspicious.  How did you manage to skip almost all
> packages in category Base, of which _all_ need to be installed?  The only
> way to do this is to manually de-select all these packages, so please don't
> do that.
>> In which package is the script included?
> In base-files, if it wasn't obvious already.

How can I see all packages in Base category, I am in offline mode, and
it shows me only all the packages which are present in my package
How did you find, that there were more missing?

BTW, the first issue is resolved for me now. As I was doing the
installation in offline mode and using a local repository, and didn't
update the base-files package in the first run, it was not picking the
previous version, and not choking about not able to resolve required


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