ldd differences

Roger Wells roger.k.wells@leidos.com
Mon Mar 14 19:50:00 GMT 2016

On 03/14/2016 03:09 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Roger Wells writes:
>>> Try cygcheck rather than ldd.
>> Thanks for responding.
>> Here's what happens:
>> $ cygcheck ./z12.exe
>> C:\cygwin64\home\roger\src\z12\z12.exe
>> or
>> $ cygcheck --verbose ./z12.exe
>> C:\cygwin64\home\roger\src\z12\z12.exe (not x86_64 dll)
> Then it doesn't seem to be a Cygwin binary.  Is that the product of some
> cross-compilation, perhaps?

It was built with MinGW GCC 4.9.3 (32 bit)
However, recall that the older 32 bit cygwin ldd had no problem with it.
We have been using MinGW in a Cygwin environment for over two decades
with out surprises.  I wonder if the fact that the executable is 32-bit
is the culprit and the 64 bit Cygwin tools are expecting 64 bit items to
work on?  I expect that ldd etc are attempting to do what the OS does
when it loads the executable wrt identifying what resources (i.e. dll's)
are required.  It shouldn't matter what tool built it and both 32 bit
and 64 bit items are going to be around for a while and both need to be
handled correctly.  I'll probably install 32 bit Cygwin and test the
hypothesis.  I'll let you know.


> Regards,
> Achim.

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