ctrl-c doesn't reliably kill applications

Björn Stabel stabelweb@gmx.de
Mon Mar 14 17:18:00 GMT 2016

The ctrl-c shortcut doesn't reliably kill applications (anymore?).
It has been that way for at least a year now.


One example is the ruby "rerun" tool (at least when used with a sinatra
The problem can be reproduced using these steps:

 1. Default cygwin install
 2. Install rubygems package
 3. gem install rerun sinatra
 4. Make sure the rerun tool is in PATH (or specify the path to it
    explicitly). I think rubygems installs executables from gems to
    ~/bin by default
 5. rerun "ruby -e 'require(\"sinatra\")'"
 6. ctrl-c
 7. tasklist /fi "IMAGENAME eq ruby.exe"
      * Expected: No process
      * Actual: process is still running

You might have to repeat steps 5 to 7 a few times for the issue to occur.
Another problem is that Q sometimes doesn't exit rerun but only the app
running inside, but that might be a problem with rerun itself or with
the shutdown detection they use.


Another example is Vagrant.
Although that is not a cygwin application, I usually recommend coworkers
to use it with cygwin, because it benefits from mintty's better console.
The problem there occurs when you invoke a long-running vagrant command
(vagrant provision, for instance) and then cancel it with ctrl-c.
If you do that, you're back at the bash prompt, but the provisioning run
still goes on and spams the console, making it unusable.


Under Kubuntu Linux 14.04/kde/konsole/bash, neither of these problems exist.
What the two examples seem to have in common is that they're both one
application invoking another:

  * rerun invokes sh -c "$1" (I think)
  * vagrant provision invokes (its bundled?) ssh

I think this is a bug and should be fixed. Is the bug with Cygwin or
should I report it elsewhere?

- Björn Stabel aka. TomyLobo

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