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cyg Simple
Fri Mar 11 15:28:00 GMT 2016

On 3/9/2016 2:56 PM, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 09, 2016 at 07:46:06PM +0000, Adam Dinwoodie wrote:
>> On Tue, Mar 08, 2016 at 01:32:30PM -0500, cyg Simple wrote:
>>> Using the latest production release 2.4.1(1) the command is removing the
>>> / after the svn: leaving svn:/svn which isn't correct.  Using
>>> 'svn://svn' doesn't help either.
>>> (2) $ git svn init -T 'svn://'
>>> E: 'svn:/' is not a complete
>>> URL  and a separate URL is not specified
>> I'm seeing the same behaviour on local builds of both v2.7.0 and v2.2.0,
>> and when using http:// URIs as well as svn:// ones.  Very sad.
>> It's not immediately obvious what's going wrong here, and I don't
>> currently have much spare time for digging, but I'll add it to my queue
>> to investigate the problem / report it upstream to see if anyone else
>> has any cunning ideas.
> I've found a work-around.  I'm surprised it works, but it evidently
> does, so...
> If you do the `git svn init` without the `-T` argument, then set up the
> branches to fetch explicitly using `git config`, everything seems to
> work fine:
>     $ git svn init svn://
>     Initialized empty Git repository in /home/add/tmp/.git/
>     $ git config svn-remote.svn.fetch trunk:refs/remotes/origin/trunk
>     $ git svn fetch
>     r1 = 12dc820c417dc5f12723307a3fcfa4629ea972fb (refs/remotes/origin/trunk)
>             A       squirrelmail/ATHORS
>             A       squirrelmail/login.php3
>             A       squirrelmail/signout.php3
>     ...

Thanks - my workaround involved a turtle. :D  I'll mark this mail to
remember it for a future try if the problem isn't resolved by then.

The issue seems to be in the git-svn module and not an issue of Cygwin
or git itself.  Maybe some magic with the double // in trying to be
copacetic in a Windows environment.

cyg Simple

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