Question about tar v1.28

Douglas Coup
Wed Mar 9 18:33:00 GMT 2016

My apologies if some people see this twice.  I didn't see my original reply come through the mailing list.

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Subject: Re: Question about tar v1.28 
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2016 16:52:01 -0700 
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On 03/08/2016 08:43 AM, Douglas Coup wrote:
> Hello Cygwin community. 
> I'm observing some unusual behavior with tar v1.28, running as part of 

> 32-bit Cygwin on a Windows 10 machine. 

I noticed this in your cygcheck output: > cygdrive prefix /cygdrive system text,noacl,posix=0,auto

Why are you text-mounting it?  Is your current working directorysomewhere under that text mount?  It may be a bug in tar's handling of
text-mounted files (ideally, tar should be reopening everything binary

in spite of text mounts, but I may have missed a spot).

Text mounting is our standard here.  I will try to find out why.

I changed the /etc/fstab so it specifies "binary" instead of "text", and with that change, the problem doesn't occur.  However, the problem doesn't occur with "text" specified on two other systems that use tar v1.27, one running Windows 8.1 and the other running Windows 7.  In fact I had used the "tar" command previously on this Windows 10 system with "text" in place without problems.  I've done other Cygwin installs since then, so probably either the "tar" command itself got updated or something it depends on got updated, such that now this issue occurs. 
> A similar sequence on a Windows 8.1 machine running tar v1.27.1 does not 

> produce this problem. 

Could be an accidental regression in my cygwin-specific patches betweenthe two versions. But I don't normally use or test on text-mounts, so
I'll need confirmation that you are indeed experiencing the problem only

in your text mount, before I spend cycles debugging it. 

-- Eric Blake  eblake redhat com   +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library 

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