Ruby gem install falis

Frank Fesevur
Thu Mar 3 10:58:00 GMT 2016


I am unable to install a gem:

# gem install gollum
ERROR:  Loading command: install (LoadError)
        No such process - /usr/lib/ruby/2.2.0/
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (NoMethodError)
    undefined method `invoke_with_build_args' for nil:NilClass

When I try "gem update" the same error occurs.

>From what I read on various sites on the internet is that Ruby needs
to be rebuild with the latest openssl. A new version of the openssl
package was released recently.

I have very little experience with Ruby. Just using some software that
need to be installed as gems. Is rebuilding something I can do myself
or does the Ruby packages needs to be rebuild?


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