Repairing permissions after windows reinstall

Henry S. Thompson
Tue Jun 28 10:34:00 GMT 2016

Good news: My cygwin file tree survived a Windows (10) reinstall
Not-so-good news: I have a new SID, so not only do I not own those files
any more (that's easily fixed), but I don't have the permissions I
should, because they are now held by some miscellaneous old SID.

In fact I see _two_ raw SIDs when I look at the security tab for any
directory in the old cygwin tree: one has Full control, and the other
just Read & execute.

I presume the first is the old me, what's the second?

Can this be easily fixed, i.e. put me back where I used to be?



[Note, I have read

which was the only thing I could find by searching, but I wondered if
there was a Cygwin way. . .]
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