wget 1.17.x creates odd permissions on downloaded files

Zube Zube@stat.colostate.edu
Wed Jun 22 20:39:00 GMT 2016

On Wed Jun 22 03:03:38 PM, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

> Remember, Cygwin's wget will not create a file with execute permissions
> automatically.  You have to do a "chmod +x putty.exe" if you want it to
> be recognized as an executable.

This was it, thanks.  It is /fairly/ new behavior, however.  Certainly
cygwin 2.3.1 installed in, if memory serves, Dec of 2015 did not need
the chmod to get putty to run.

Thanks also to Warren Young for taking the time to reply.  His comment
that "cygwin1.dll is becoming more POSIX-compliant in its permission
handling lately" seems to be right.  If I install ncftp under
cygwin and download putty.exe that way, it too gives the "Access is
denied." error.  So the changes are in cygwin, not wget.


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