setup - 0p_000_autorebase.dash hangs

Michel Bader
Fri Jun 17 19:05:00 GMT 2016


I am also having the problem of 0p_000_autorebase.dash and 0p_update-info-dir.dash hanging during setup. I have tried both the 32 and 64 on this laptop with the same result.

when i end the dash process with alt+ctr+del i move forward to the postinstall scripts and these also hang one by one. i need to end the bash process then for each to complete the installation. once the installation is completed, i find out that the packages are not installed correctly.

I have installed successfully many times before using the same user access provided with my employer's laptop. this is a new laptop and its the first time i try to install cygwin on it. i have been able to install cygwin successfully on my personal laptop today as well.

any hints on how to fix this?

Best regards

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