Can a .sh script stored in c:\scripts\ (Windows part of filesystem) be run from crontab?

Peder Sverdrup
Wed Jul 27 15:31:00 GMT 2016

I have my own backupscript, lets call it "". It is stored on the c-drive, in the directory c:\scripts\.
When I open the cygwin terminal I can run the script manually. But if I include it in my crontab, it does not run.
If I copy the script to /home/myuser/myscripts/ I can run it from the cygwin terminal, and it also runs from crontab.

Is it not possible to run scripts stored on "the Windows part of the filetree" from crontab?
The crontab entries are:
10  14  *  *  *  /cygdrive/c/scripts/
20 14  *  *  *  /home/myuser/myscripts/

When I run the script manually, I navigate to the folder where it is stored and do
./ &

Kind regards, Peder

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