G++ and OpenMP Issues

Charlie Gonzales charlie.gonzales@gtlcompany.com
Mon Jul 25 16:25:00 GMT 2016


We've been testing the -fopenmp feature of G++ in Cygwin.  We can't get the CPU cores to go to 100% when compiling with the GCC version of G++.  If we compile with the MinGW version, the CPUs go to 100%.  I've tried several versions of GCC.  I started with recent 5.4 version and worked back to 4.8.2.  None of the versions will run 100%.  In Linux the same code works correctly, going 100% CPU in the parallel sections of the code.  Is there something I'm missing in the Cygwin that prevents -fopenmp from running 100% across all the CPUs?  Please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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