System tray menu tuning & Xwin0.log in mintty console with startx

Marco Atzeri
Sun Jul 24 12:30:00 GMT 2016

On 18/07/2016 22:31, pigreco erre wrote:
> Hello,
> thank you for your prompt answer.
> I write again my email in text format because I think my previous was discarded (It could be  in html format) so I hope this time it arrives at the mailing list.:-)
> With reference to the first question let me specify the steps.

Hi Alessandro,
mail in html format are rejected by the server filter.

> When I launch Cygwin it appears on the task bar (at the bottom right) a system tray icon.

what do you mean with "launch Cygwin" ? How ?

In the program menu there are two related Cygwin folder
- one named "Cygwin" with the "Cygwin Terminal" (also know as Mintty)
- one named "Cygwin-X" with the "Xwin server"

> Pushing the mouse botton, I open a menu (unfortunately I can't attached a little screenshot into my mail) and I find items like:

You can always provide a link to a image on the web, like

> Script
> ......
> Open Bash
> ....
> Open XServer
> ...
> Beenden

I do not recognize these. Are you using a third party software ?
Or a specific X Window Manager ?

> The item "open XSever" no runs so I think it starts with wrong parameter command inserted "in background" to the choice .
> This is because on bash environment with startxwin it is all OK without problem.
> I want to tune the parameters hidden on the menu -choice.
> After I would to change the "Beenden" with "Exit-Cyg"
> Where can I find the commands hidden  in this menu-items?
> With reference to the second point my dubt:
> is there a way to erase the echoin in mintty?
> This is because when I go with startx & startxwin in "ConEmu" shell I don't see the log messages on to the screen,
> otherwise when I go within mintty, startx makes the echo & startxwin doesn't make it

I don't use ConEmu. Mintty is fine for me.

The logs of the XWin Server are available on "/var/log/xwin/" directory,
whatever method was used to start the Xwin Server.

With "doesn't make" do you mean The Xserver don't start ?
Have you tried the icon on the Windows Program Menu ?

> I hope that I reach to explain more well the my dubt than my previous email
> Could you help me?
> I thank you again for your big assistance
> Have a nice weekend
> With my best regards
> Alessandro
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