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Eliot Moss
Sat Jul 23 02:34:00 GMT 2016

On 7/22/2016 6:19 PM, Dr. Rob Higgins wrote:
> Ahhh ... a totally separate platform has the same issue on this hi-res small screen. This laptop is
> new and Band-In-A-Box needs Windows or Mac, so I'm testing Win 10 with cygwin X to get some of the
> stuff I'm used to in Linux.
> When testing Freeplane with Java 8 (in the Win 10 environment) and not connected to Cygwin X at all.
> Same issue - icons are all small and stay small but content can be enlarged, and menus are already
> large enough.
> So, as an fyi for similar situations, I'm finding gnome-terminal and pcmanfm to be most
> accommodating Cygwin X apps in allowing larger content fonts and reasonable menu sizes even though
> toolbar icons remain very small.
> Thanks for your help.
> ---rob---

I found a discussion about tiny icons on a list about Eclipse.  Icons are generally a fixed-size
rectangle of *pixels*, often 16x16.  To do any better, an app needs multiple versions (e.g.,
16x16 and 32x32).  They aren't generally done using a scalable format (I guess things that small
need to be custom designed).  Personally, I could live with just repeating 1 pixel in a 2x2
square to give me a bigger, if "jaggy", icon/button, but people don't seem to do that ...

Regards -- EM

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